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this site is simply a streamofconsciousness rambling of words and images in which i find meaning and beauty - there is no organized order of thought or format -
poetry painting and writing on love and life and things thereof from the heart and through the eyes of a louisiana gypsy spirit travelin' roads less traveled...enjoy -


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A...WOMAN IN MOTION WITH HAIR AS DARK AS NIGHT HER EYES WERE LIKE THAT OF A CAT IN THE DARK... SHE WAS A GYPSYWOMAN... she danced round and round... from the fire her face was all aglow... she was dancing... dancing... waiting for the RISING SUN... loving caring relationships are like THE RISING SUN...we are nourished by their warmth...we are energized by their strength...we grow in their light...we find shelter and solace there...they are our sanctuary... born in the sign of the sun, i am a true LEO-love the sun and its hot orange red fire-passionate in and about everything i do-i believe in instant chemistry charisma love/lust at first sight-in the magic of the eyes and the beauty of the soul-in the instant recognition familiarity in meeting someone from a past life and in the knowledge that we might meet in a future life-i believe that we are each ageless and flawless-i believe in the beauty of the moment-the whisper of yesterday-the hope of tomorrow-the power of forgiveness for even ourselves-the absolute and total beauty of love---[credit to brian hyland and curtis mayfield]

to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

rescue poem

when he diagnosed
my case
it left me with little
you have an invisible telephone booth
around yo u
he said
it is the glass hard cardamon
whispers cannot penetrate
glass of cutout tongues
and spider tracks
of the turn of a bolt one thread
and of the distance
one hammer blow drives a nail
the space of a snake's forehead
and the diamond ladder
of a window washer
a shadow foot between
the real foot and the gound

he smiles at my disease
says he would like to put
his arms around me but cannot
reach around the whole invisible
telephone booth
we walk through the night
trailing lizards
our heads are filled
with fat wet moss
black camels walk around
and through our eyes
stamping on the city streets

we thread needles with out thin bones
and sew streets together
trying to hold them in finger pockets

i cannot get near you
he said
that telephone booth being in the way
really was the dial tone
the sound of ruby acorns pelting a roof of elbows
busy busy
the help signal gone crazy
reaching to years of hurricane weather

here are the tools to chop down
an invisible telephone booth
an apple inside the ear
a bucket of blood
a hammer made out of beetle tongues
a saw made from parts of the cheek
teeth chipped out of the navel
diamond breasts and
a silver penis

well you came with strange luggage
a man from your own trust company
a bag full of incredible instruments
you looked at the doctor and said
i'm a specialist
is she the one with the invisible telephone booth
she the one nobody can get near
she the one who stands naked inside it
making long distance calls for help
and has linemen out everyday wrecking
their instruments on this invisible glass?

yes, you had a bad with
apples rolling inside your ears
shaking their seeds into eustachian tubes
and down alimentary canals
buckets of blood were capped with silver
fish skins and sloshed inside the black bag
carrying hundreds of small initials
your hammer of cricket tongues
tapped itself to sleep
waiting for the big job
the saw made of all the soft parts of
a cheek sharpened itself against eyebrows
teeth chipped out of the navel were
ready to bite
and diamond breasts with hard nipples
rubbed against the silver penis
causing the fish eyes to glow

you set to work at once
on the telephone booth

need i say the obvious
that you found the door
that no one else had tried the door?
an obvious solution to an obvious problem

come in
put in your silver nickel
your pennies

come inside
these invisible walls

join me
on the silver

author unknown...

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