we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real - come along with me - we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - share our stories around the campfire - come along -

this site is simply a streamofconsciousness rambling of words and images in which i find meaning and beauty - there is no organized order of thought or format -
poetry painting and writing on love and life and things thereof from the heart and through the eyes of a louisiana gypsy spirit travelin' roads less traveled...enjoy -


My photo
A...WOMAN IN MOTION WITH HAIR AS DARK AS NIGHT HER EYES WERE LIKE THAT OF A CAT IN THE DARK... SHE WAS A GYPSYWOMAN... she danced round and round... from the fire her face was all aglow... she was dancing... dancing... waiting for the RISING SUN... loving caring relationships are like THE RISING SUN...we are nourished by their warmth...we are energized by their strength...we grow in their light...we find shelter and solace there...they are our sanctuary... born in the sign of the sun, i am a true LEO-love the sun and its hot orange red fire-passionate in and about everything i do-i believe in instant chemistry charisma love/lust at first sight-in the magic of the eyes and the beauty of the soul-in the instant recognition familiarity in meeting someone from a past life and in the knowledge that we might meet in a future life-i believe that we are each ageless and flawless-i believe in the beauty of the moment-the whisper of yesterday-the hope of tomorrow-the power of forgiveness for even ourselves-the absolute and total beauty of love---[credit to brian hyland and curtis mayfield]

to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

in silent slumber...

in silent slumber soft
from love held aloft
my heart hears the secrets
of my days and of my nights
secrets red like garnets
glistenin’ in the light
and longs to touch
the naked ghosts of my dreams

to ne'er let go its clutch
of all those soundless screams



Friday, July 29, 2011

your eyes...

your eyes
invite me in
in through the door
opened to but a few
the door kept locked
and chained by
desolation desperation
your eyes
unwrap my soul
baring my own lonely heart
unwinding undoing
the ties placed round it
holding the pieces in place
till your healing comes home

your eyes
undress my body
revealing the wanton
undergarments of
of wasted life
exposing my naked desire
opening the pores
of past and present

your eyes
lay me down
upon your soul’s pallet
too long empty
barren and brittle
waiting longing
for the passion of love
to ignite it once again

your eyes
beg beseech my own
to warm your cold
colorless frigid heart
wrap it in crimson tides
hold it close
heart to heart
the two made one

your eyes
invite me in



Thursday, July 28, 2011

the game...

we both knew the game
it wasn’t gonna be tame

we both knew the rules
we weren’t no fools

but when the game did end
with what could we defend

both our hearts   
our weakest parts
lay broken and blue
in a blood-filled pool

but we both knew the rules


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the black reign of BP...

oh, the black rains came
and the ocean’s in flames
the blood poured down
from those that drowned

red clay turned ebony dark
blue green crystals lost their mark

rainbow colors run and hide      
tryin’ to get away from the genocide

mother’s gut grows and grows
soon be birthin’ big black crows

moanin’ and groanin’ lettin’ out a howl
her water breaks and comes out foul

but nothin’ will hold her spreadin’ girth
bigger and bigger ‘bout to give birth
big ole cracks in her birthin’ bed
but ain’t nothin’ to us nobody’s said

she didn’t want it to go this way
but mother had nowhere else to stay

and so it is the demon child is born
with money and lies it’s adorned

then the doors of hell gonna open wide
and blast and spew its noxious insides

and waves of greed will hit the land
leavin’ nothin’ there not even the sand

just wonderin’ now who’s to blame
ever’body’s tryin’ to save their name

nothin’ on earth ever the same
playin and losin’ that little oil game
black tears pour from the gods on high  
time for accountin’ drawin’ nigh

yeah, the earth eats itself inside out
we all know what that’s about

now, BP, don’t look at me all tongue-tied
you can run but where you gonna hide?

you - and all the others like you
you haven't a clue 

where ARE you gonna hide?



- a year later, the sad saga of the gulf oil spill carries on - the planet remains irreparably injured -
- for updates, be sure and check out the links above -

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the sacred forest of the snow tiger...

he had thought that he was safe
there in his forest of ice
he’d left behind the world of warmth and light
choosing instead a life of dark and cold
where all was night
he had feared the heat of the other world
feared it with a passion most never know
feared it as most would love their mates
but fear it he did

for he was
the snow tiger 

he’d painted his hard lean body
in stripes of shadows and light
the blackest of black the whitest of white
he’d painted it like the stripes on the trees
with their ribbons of frost
not to be seen by day or by night

and so he lived in the vast wasteland of steel and cold
that he’d worked feverishly to uphold
never allowing another in
guarding the glacier that was all him
never leaving the safety of his self-made lair

he was happy there
  he was safe
only one as frigid as he could survive such a place
but there was no nourishment to be found in his arctic woods

he hunted here he hunted there he hunted everywhere
  the gnawing hunger remained
it gnawed through his belly and into his cold dark heart
leaving a hole that could not be filled
  there was nothing left in his forest
to be hunted
to be consumed
to ease the pain of his hunger as it grew
the hunger he had felt before
  which now became a ravishing sword

  then one day at the forest edge
as he crept closer and closer still
there stood a vision he ne’er had seen before
but one he feared nevertheless
  feared to the bottom of his lonely soul
this vision meant danger
danger to him and to all that was his

the vision remained
there it stood
staring straight into the windows of his barren soul
something familiar
something once known
  a dream
but no - it was a mortal creature this vision he feared
a creature with long dark hair 
hair that swept the snow beneath her human feet

the sight of this mortal soul struck a chord of primal fear
fear of something close something near too near
her haunting black eyes never left his icy stare
her scent attacked the spirit he’d long forgot
  was she but a gentle breeze
blown by the dusty figments of his empty imagination
  the trees in his forest having long since lost their leaves

he could not strike
he could not flee
he was transfixed frozen in her light
and what of that light - it was not white, that must be it
this light - this impure light emitted something evil - something sinister
it had color - and that evil that he most feared
the one her light emitted
to the gods he implored
not this not this - this he could not survive
this would surely kill him - this - this was his most dreaded enemy
this was warmth it was heat! 
it was

and in that moment of time stood still
the she-creature fearing not his warrior stance
edged closer and closer again
moving toward him toward and all that was his
he roared at her from the icy lobes of his fractured heart
threatening threatening again
but she did not fear him did not retreat
closer still she edged into his sacred trees

her smell permeated deeper still
permeated to his core
leaving him wanting needing more
his mind abandoned him
he could not think as before
she had brought with her
weapons the likes of which he’d never seen
even in dreams
  his great claws began to lose their grip
their grip no longer holding to the frozen ground now turned liquid

her eyes never left his soul's stare as she came toward him
bringing with her a strange never felt sensation
  foreign to him it burned his eyes attacked his nostrils flared
  it invaded that secret part of him long held captive by the cold
this light that surrounded her now surrounded him
what could it be
his worst fear brought to reality?
what could it be?  who could she be?  who was she?
this mortal who walked in light in heat

this light that once attacked his senses
somehow now seemed to ease the ravaging pit of his hunger
further and further she encroached
her odour ate at him

ever more

the light and the warmth that was her invaded him deeper
deeper into the darkest recesses
surging but never retreating
until it reached the stalwart chambers of his heart of stone
seeping down into the crevasse of cold that had been his life
it left him dizzy
it left him alive
but it did not leave him

then he realized that thing - the thing that she brought with her
that light and warmth thing - it was something he almost remembered
from the other world - something he need not fear 

was a thing called

and this other thing
this she-creature
this mortal whom he had first feared
he remembered her now, too
from once before
in the land of light and warmth
he remembered her now

was the

she had traveled far suffered much to reach him 
to save him from the ravages of his own frost
from the hunger that consumed him
in his sacred forest where all was lost

she had come from the other world  

and she had come



Monday, July 25, 2011

he comes...

he wakes in her
the primal beast
upon whose heart
he must needs feast

he sings to her
in ancient rhyme
his love for her
throughout all time

he lives in her
aphrodite’s dream
and when they love
the night bears their scream
he comes to her
in primordial lust
she comes to him
because she must

he wakes
he sings
he lives




- inspired by nica and ben who live in that place called ESPERANZA by TRISH MACGREGOR - 
- a place where hope lives on - 
- and love never dies -

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sweet sweet relief...

 somethin’s comin’ over me
smotherin’ my soul
don’t know what it can be

like a big wooley blanket
on a hot summer night
it lays on me with all its might

holdin’ me down
pullin’ me under
think i’m gonna drown


like a river of steam
on a sunshiny day
rainin’ its heat as i pray

try to be good
whatever you sow so shall you reap
and sweet relief don’t come cheap
yeah, somethin’s come over me
soakin’ my spirit
and i know what it be


Friday, July 22, 2011

could it be...

 might it be that what others see
is but their version of what is me
for eyes cannot pass beneath the skin
to them in thoughts I bore their sin
loving you to their chagrin

might it be that what others saw
was but their life’s own sanctioned flaw
their hearts bound in thick steel gloves
beating not to heaven above
their long lost souls
blind to love



Friday, July 15, 2011

the feast...

emerging from his deep abyss
the slimy serpent raised its head
he sought her out upon her bed
and with a hiss and lingering kiss

upon her breasts he dared to feast
for her life he cared the least
he searched for her in times of need
to satisfy his own love’s greed
on her bosom he did suck
in a lustful frenzy all amuck
into her beating heart he did bite
with all his vigorous might
his tongue embarked to do his will
until at last he’d gained his fill
but what he could not see
through his lascivious glee
beneath her bounteous flesh
was the bottomless hole
of her stone cold soul
where his own heart she would enmesh

what he sowed so did he reap
as he gurgled his last in her blackest deep
for his dying soul she did not weep
in her he had found the primal beast


Thursday, July 14, 2011

the candy store...

been wantin’ me somethin’ sweet
just a little ole’ suga' treat
so i head right down the street

to the corner candy store
gonna pick and choose and pick agin
a little now and then some more
been wantin’ me some candy
somethin’ sugary and sweet
sure come in handy

think i’ll have me a big old’ licorice stick
to put between my ruby red lips
yeh, that might be my pick

maybe a gooey milkey way
send me straight to the stars
leadin’ me all astray

or a chocolate covered cherry
just wanna little suga’ fix
sure don’t wanna marry

git to the door and what’d ya know
candy store ain’t what it us'ta be
pickin’s is slim and bizness is slow

so i turn me ‘round and head on back
the lesson to be learned i guess 
fix me my own little sweet suga' snack

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pieces of blue...


little pieces
pieces of blue
blue pieces
free falling
from the skies
each piece full
of seeing eyes
blue eyes
pieces of blue
stuck on me
like hot glue
seeing eyes
that see me
that see all of me
the me of me
seeing eyes
that set me free
free to fall
free fall through
the skies
of those deep blue eyes
pieces of blue
little pieces

 pieces of blue
pieces of you


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the sins of sinnin' - the bishop and the queen...


they don’t know
no, don’t nobody know
don’t nobody know where she live
an' what they wouldn’t give
to know where she live
but all they know is what they see
what they wanna see
what i let ‘em see
and that ain’t much
what i let ‘em see
cause they don’t know
that place she live
she live with me there
she live with me here
in that place
that secret place
deep down inside
that place that don’t wear no purty face
not all the time it don’t
no, it don’t
cause it’s filled with all that sin
sin so full’a sin ain’t no tellin’ where it’s been
sin so old it don’t know where to begin
no, they don’t know what sin is till they been where i been
and they don’t know that they’s all kinds’a sin
yeah, there’s all kinds’a sin
they’s that sin that’s done with a thing called evil intent
you know tha’ kind
now, don’t say that you don’t
cause you do
you do too know that kinda sin
the kind where satan does his dirty dance
has you all in a trance
and the gods ain’t gonna give you a second chance
not another dance
that kinda sin
now i ain’t sayin’ that all ya’ll done it
sinned with evil intent
i’m just saying you KNOW it
but wait now
you there, mister, yeah, you
you screamin’ and hollerin’
that you ain’t nev’a done nothin’ like that
that you ain’t no jeffrey dohmer, you say
nothin’ like him! 
you ain’t no hitler
why, you’re a god-fearin’ man, are you
but ain’t you that bishop in that hell-fire and brimstone church
where all them good christians go
to see what ever’body else is wearin’ on a sundey
where you go and pay somebody good money
to tell you about what a no-good sorry heathen you are
and tell you you’re gonna burn in hell, you sorry filth!
well, see, now, i can save you a lot’ta all that money
cause i know what kinda sorry filth you are
you’re that same fine-church bishop
that left your little do-good christian wife
and your perfect little born-ag’in kids
in your perfect little christian home
an’ knocked on my door one fine day
you ‘member that day, christian bishop?
you ‘member that day you done knocked on my door
with your little basket of all them goodies
all them sticky sweet little goodies for my babies
you ‘member them, don’cha?  you should
you was wearin’ some of them sticky sweet little goodies
when you left my house
and you ‘member what you said to me
‘bout that basket of goodies for my little babies
how all i had’ta do was give you some’a my own “sweet stuff”
and my babies could have all them goodies
yeah, some’a my sweet stuff swapped for food for my babies
you ‘member now, bishop
i bet’cha do
now you do
but i bet you nev’‘a even thought of it at all since then
no, i know you didn’t
an’ i bet you didn’t never even worry ‘bout bein’ found out
did’ja, bishop
cause who was gonna believe me anyway
after all you were that do-gooder god-fearin’ bishop
in that big ‘ole cathedral the size of mt rainer
an’ me
well, now, i weren’t nobody at all
not to you
or none’a them other do-gooders
an’ none’a this matters now does it
not to you
but, see,  you’re one’a them
yes, you are
one’a them sinners
them with all that evil intent
one’a the worst of ‘em
sinners with evil intent
an’ you can’t go denyin’ what you done that day
cause jest lik’a bad dream, here i am, right in yo’r face
but what!  what!  you didn’t hurt nobody!
you didn’t kill nobody!
well, now, see, that’s just wha’chu think!
cause, just like sinnin’ they’s all kinds’a dyin’
and all kinds’a hurt, mister bishop!
they didn’t teach you that in your fancy church school
an’ that day, you done both of’em
hurtin’ and killin’
yeah, you heard me
you done’em both that day
you and your dastardly deed
yeah, you done’em both
when you slithered up behind me that day
you done’em both when you defiled my body
you done’em both when you pulled your venomous weapon
all tucked away under that church cloak of self-rightousness
yeah, you done’em both, bishop
you done’em both
you attempted the murder of my soul
of my spirit of my me
an' you killed a part of me
yeah, you did
you killed
a part'a my heart
that part'a my heart
that had believed in good
in bein’ good to others
you hurt me in ways i ain’t nev’a been hurt before
and i ain’t been hurt since
you dishonored the souls of my precious babies
when you committed your wanton act upon their momma
and you attempted the massacre of my babies
my innocent babies my hungry babies
when you attached the nourishment of their physical bodies
to this heinous act against they momma
but yo’r worst deed, bishop
tha’ very worst deed of yours
tha'chu committed that day
that fine day
was the committin’ of all that sin in the presence of my babies
wha’chu done to me was one thang
but wha’chu done to my little ones
now that’s somethin’ else
an’ for that
well, now for that, bishop, the’y ain’t enough fire in all’a hell to punish you
no, sir - the’y jus’ ain’t enough fire in hell
now, don’t git me wrong!  no, sir!
i’m not sayin’ that i’m any different than you
any better - no, sir - i’m not
cause in one split second of your dirty act
in one split second
i myself was right there with you
right there on the brink'a that dark abyss
starrin’ that evil monster right square in the eye
you see, in that moment of time stood still
so did my heart
my kind and gentle heart
an’ that other heart’a mine took over
it began to beat to such ancient drums
as to scare even me
it beat so loud i scarce could hear you scream
an' holler and curse when i bit into your scrawny flesh
like a starvin’ lioness gnashin’ her teeth into its prey
blood turnin' your lily white skin crimson
as the sinful act you were committin'
yeah, i was right there alright
right there on the abyss of sin
that kind’a sin i been talkin’ ‘bout, bishop
sin with evil intent
cause in that split second on the abyss
part'a me wanted
even prayed for
your life to end
i mean, to END
for your own heart to stop it’s race against time
for all time
yeah, i wanted to defile yo'r flesh alright
with a speedin' silver vessel of my own rightousness
i wanted the walls'a your gold and marble cathedral to collapse ‘round you
the walls of hell fire and brimstone to fall down upon you
to rise up under you
extinguishin’ for all time the venom of your satan’s serpent
an' yo'r dark evil heart
so, there you have it, bishop
my own little story of that ‘ole thang called sin
you know tha’ kind now, don'cha?

 tha’ kind committed with all'a that evil intent

now, tha’y ain’t no need for you to be sittin’ round here listenin’
to me rave an’ rant no more
you go on an’ git up outta here
cause you know that other one that live here with me
here in tha’ heart of me
deep down inside the me’a me
well, now, see, she ain’t so nice as me
an’ she might jest step right up’n’out
an’ blow yo’r sweet ass ta' kingdom come
cause she ain’t nice as me
an’ she ain’t gonna take yo’r shit no more

no, she ain’t, bishop
no, she ain’t

‘sides, she’s tha’ queen
an’ you
well, you j’st the bishop

Monday, July 11, 2011

i went on down to tha' river...

well, i went on down to tha’ river
my head shakin’ all in a shiver
yeah, i went on down to tha’ river
wanna git me one’a them crowns
you know the ones them’s for heaven found
but that ‘ole spinnin’ river said to me
you ain’t even been spirit wound
you ain’t got nothin’ that’ll git you heaven bound

well, i went back down to tha’ river
my heart quakin’ all in a quiver
yeah, i went on down to tha’ river
wanna wash ‘way all my sins
you know the ones them’s from yo’r skin
but that ‘ole ragin’ river said to me
why, you still livin’ in tha’ devil’s den
you gotta come on back down ag’in

well, i went back down to tha’ river
cause i thought it could deliver
yeah, i went on down to tha’ river
wanna wash ‘way all my sins
you know the ones them’s where love all begins
but that ‘ole stormy river said to me
you can’t git nothin’ for yo’r dark hide
you just gotta take it all in stride

cause you done been tha’ devil’s bride

well, i ain’t goin’ back to tha’ river
and i done sold my soul to tha’ highest bidder!
gonna go on down to tha’ five ‘n dime
and have me a good ‘old time
gonna buy me my own damned crown
next time ‘round
down in tinsel town

yes i am

Sunday, July 10, 2011

then deep inside her belly...

she lay her down on the jungle floor
her self was hers to be no more
she reached inside to oceans shores
and opened wide the mystic doors
her mighty mate he did roar

then deep inside her belly

first came the shape
the shape of things to come
the shape of all or none
the shamen did not shun
her belly now the rising sun

then deep inside her belly

next came the scream
of all your ancient dreams

nothing now as it seems
pray your gods your soul redeem
the universe her birthing stream

 then deep inside her belly

came now the spirit from within
bursting through her bleeding skin
and issued forth in ravaged sin
the cosmos turn to spiral and spin
with no beginning and no end

deep inside her belly


Saturday, July 9, 2011

the difference...

you have seen my naked heart
clad only in the sins of my past
remnants of the devil's lambaste
and you turned away not

you have tasted the dark green bile
spit from the belly of my severed soul
splotches of satan's soiree
and it reviled you not

you have borne witness to the atrocities
acted against the innocents by my dark twin
leaving the pieces to be buried again
and it frightened you not

you have felt the screams of my victims
wrenched from the hollow of my own heart
slivers of silent offenses
and you shrank back not

and he
he would forgive me
and love me still

but he would know me not

but you
you would see no need to forgive
and would love me still


you would love me then
in all my sins 
you would know me now 
even then

Friday, July 8, 2011

o' holy grace...

whispers of your shadow sweep 'cross my face
takin' me to that other place
the place of blood red moons
where stars come out at noon
and mornin's go to bed

with nothin' left unsaid
shadows of your whispers sweep 'cross my face
takin' me to that other place

the place of
holy grace

Thursday, July 7, 2011

a thing called WANT...

my want of
lies deep
deep within
too deep
to let loose
the salty tears
leaving trails
of all my fears
stuck deep
deep within
too deep

my want of

[a repost but a post true for today - well, and every day, for me, actually - enjoy]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


lust defined
flesh on flesh

love confined
thoughts of him

draped ‘cross her mind
like phantom limbs

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

pieces of me from yesteryear...

if i but could
take the hurt
from out the wound
that lingers there
if i but could
take the rage
from out the deep
that dwells within
if i but could
take the sorrow
that sucks your life
if i but could
my love
i surely


take my arms
my love
shelter from
the storm
you need
not ask
my love
for what
is mine
is yours
take my lips
my love
taste till
you are filled

you need
not want
my love
for they
are mine
to give

take my heart
my love
we need not
ever part
you need
not need
my love
for love is
mine to give
there are no strings attached
no chains to hold you here
for love, my love,
my only claim

you take my breath away
i cannot help but stare
there is no end in sight
to the love i see there
i cannot help but stare
for you were always there
just a touch away
but it took love
to turn the night away
i cannot help but stare

[there is another little yesteryear piece of me below - at voices from 1975]