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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

landscapes and galaxies within...a visual tour...

purkinje neuron of brain

blood vessel emerging from optic nerve

blood clot

alveoli in lung

lung cancer


artquest1 said...

HMMMM, these visual "diagnosis" seem far more palatable than those verbal ones my doctor presents.
While I am not prepared to buy a ticket to their one man shows, I must admit, I am drawn to their posters.

Nora Johnson said...

What stunning - and frightening in the reality they embody - images.

Thanks for sharing.

PS And enjoyed yr very thoughtful earlier piece on the legal process...


oh, artquest1, you are just too too funny! point well-taken however - and, i too, choose just to attend their artistic endeavors - preferably by proxy - thanks for dropping by - have a great day!


oh, hi, nora and ms lola - these images really are something, aren't they? great organic looking abstracts - thanks for dropping by and reading the soap box post - just could not leave it alone! know what i mean?

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The first photo is lighting up my brain! Wow...I always thought I could paint blue and orange...nature has me beat...thanks for posting these natural beauties!

Dave King said...

There are so many worlds within our world, aren't there? Fractals, for example. I heard of a doctor a little while ago who showed one of his cancer patients a stunning photo of a cancer and completely changed the way she thought about hers. They seem to b e trying the same thing in the waiting area of our hospital: displaying pictures like this of all kinds of conditions. Great post


hey ms blue sky - don't you just LOVE blue and orange? i have this really large installation type piece i want to do - gotta do it in the basement cause it is very large - anyway, it will be mostly in deep brilliant shades of blue and orange - which i love second only to red-orange - and how, really, does one compete with mother nature? we just try our best to do our own feeble interpretation of perfection, right? i'm sure yours is dazzling, dahlin'!


oh, hello dave - gee, what an absolutely innovative progressive doctor! i'll have to pass this on to my sister's oncologist! there have been many studies on how such things do improve the patient's overall everything - and goodness knows, i have tried to and have successfully, even, educate more than one health are professional in things thereof! :)
thanks so much for coming over - it's always a pleasure and i love coming by your place - have a wonderful day!