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to dance with life

to dance with life
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Monday, December 28, 2009

the canvases of my recent days...

the past few weeks while i have been away from all of you, aside from the usual holiday things, i have been doing a little painting - something which i'd not done for way too long - in any event, these photos [disclaimer:  photos taken with a cell phone in poor lighting] represent a bit of my recent days:

canvas set up and preliminary sketch on canvas
- background begun

background done


complete and signed

on canvas

heather's magnolia
painting on foyer floor against wall in owner's home -
left side not visible in photo

initially, i had intended to use acrylic paints but decided to match colors with those of the home's interior - so i had this gathered up a dozen or so glass jars and had heather's husband give me leftover house paint which i then used for the painting -

* * * * * * * * *

this painting was done for lisa's home and i did the same thing with the paints, grabbing leftover interior house paints with which to do her abstract - i don't yet have a photo of this painting in it's home environment so these shots will have to suffice for now -

complete and drying on easel

on canvas
lisa's abstract 
complete and signed


Marlene said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE your magnolia..when you click on your picture you can see the details of the painting..I bet it will be a breathtaking focal point in a room...you have alot of talent! thank you for sharing this!!! just love it!!


hey lady!!! it's been way too long since last we visited - thanks so much for note on painting - yeah, the photos really don't do either painting justice - made with my cell phone in really bad lighting - but the general idea is there i guess - thanks again - and drop me a line soon and fill me in on what's been going on in your neighborhood lately! so glad you dropped by!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

fantastic. The abstract came out better on your blog, really gorgeous!All of them.


oh, hey there, trish! thanks much! yes, i really didn't want to post these till i got really good shots but wasn't sure how long that might be - thanks again!!!

The Pliers said...

Those look like damn BIG paintings to me. High five on both of them!!!


hey ladypliers! thanks so much for coming by and leaving a note! yes, they are a nice size - one is 4'x4' and the other 4'x5' - both to be hung on very tall walls - but i love big, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I don't care if the lighting is poor or taken with a cellphone camera. These are certainly beautiful. Heather's Magnolia is lovely. I love it. You are a woman of many talents.


oh, thank you very much, lady! your notes always brighten my days - so good to see you again - it's good to be back and out a bit these days - have been busy with other things as everyone has - so see you again soon!!!

therese said...

glorious! I love that you took paints from the homes where your art would reside. So personal and what a compliment to your customers, their colors inspired you.
That's what I call - connecting with your audience on many levels. What an awesome concepts.

Nancy said...

Wow, I love them both! I am starting to enjoy abstracts more now then I used to - mostly preferring landscapes and buildings. But now I am beginning to really enjoy abstracts and this one is very interesting. I like how it blends with the home colors but stands on it's own. Love the magnolia, too. I have a bird of paradise in storage that we had just recieved as we were packing to move - it hasn't even been on the wall yet! An artist we discovered in Hawaii that actually lives in California. We couldn't buy her original but she gave us #1 in a giclee.

The owners of these paintings must be so pleased!

Susan Deborah said...

The real magnolias would be jealous. Splendid Jenean. How I wish I could see it for real. I liked the way you took pictures of different stages. Reminded me of the baby's conception in the womb.

Joy always,


greetings therese - wonderful to see you again - about the paint thing - yes, i initially was going to do something entirely different in acrylics - but both were new homes and there was a lot of interior paint left over - my only hesitation was the drying time of the paint and being able to blend as i needed - anyway, i decided to just do it and started - so there you go! anyway, thanks so much for your comments and especially for taking time during the holidays to drop by! peace and love - jenean


hey nancy!!! oh, goodness, your pieces sound absolutely wonderful - and a bird of paradise!!! OMGoodness!! i LOVE them and can't believe you mentioned that because the next flower i do i have decided would be a bird of paradise! it's such a sculptural flower - actually, i've already done a couple of sketches! my paintings of yesteryear are a mix of abstract and surreal i guess - then i came into the human form period and things gauguin and van gogh and chagall - and love o'keeffe's flowers - who doesn't? bright hot intense colors are my thing no matter the style though - i keep a little sketch book as ideas pop into my head - now, just to get all those ideas into actualization!

so good to "see" you again, lady! thanks so much for coming by!


hello there, susan! always such a joy to have you come by! thanks so much! and especially for your kind words - hope your holiday time is still dazzlin'!!!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Well Jenean, I have had a great time here this morning! The flower (magnolia) the size, the blending, the lines, the color is outstanding...you have made someone very happy in their home! I just put a 48"x48" paper on my easel so I know how big you are working. I don't want to forget the abstract...shows your ability to switch it up...again color, line, shapes catch the viewer. I hope this is the beginning of more work....I'm reading a lightness a love in your words....bravo!
Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Great painting there. I love the magnolia you delicately set on cloth. So soft, so fine it must look impressive on the canvas. Thrully an artist made it!

I must bow to your talent, Milady.


oh, you are all so kind - i think i shall surely cry!

mary ann - such words from you! a gift for which i am so grateful - it's always so wonderful to have feedback from others, especially such significantly talented others like you! i do love the larger sizes - in art - in everything, really - bigger is always better is one of my mantras - more is never enough, etc - my leo coming through there - so what is your piece that you just set up [48x48]?

thanks again, mary ann, for coming by and for leaving such glowing comments! see you over at your place!


and marius! thank you! from you, again, such a gift! as you must know, i am so enthralled with your work, words do not suffice!
namaste' -

Deb Kirkeeide said...

What a wonderful job! Bravo! (And so resourceful using the house paints!) I am impressed by the size (aren't we always?) My style completely changes when I try to paint large which always frustrates me. But I'm working on it!
I hope you keep painting more this new year!


thank you so much, deb, for your comment - i particularly love love love working in larger sizes - and it just happened that one of these was for a cathedral ceiling room and the other for a foyer open to the second floor so they needed to be large - one of my projects that i've had in my notebook since last year will be at least 8'x8' - i've never really been very good at small pieces such as yours which are exquisitely beautiful - in any event, it was just so wonderful to paint again as i've been away from major pieces for so long - thanks again, lady - see you over at your place!!!

Calli said...

I scrolled through... THESE are LOVELY! I love working large but as I see Deb mentioned it changes everything. I have also used house paint - that's funny!

To many more paintings and creations in the New Year and to happiness and to love~


oh, hello calli - i'm just now finding this comment of yours - i sometimes don't scroll down frequently enough and i miss the words of the moment so to speak - thank you very much for such a nice note - yeah, using house paint was something i did cause i wanted to be sure the colors in the houses were consistent - i had not seen the magnolia hung in the home until today and did not have my camera with me as i'd not planned to drop by - but i was really really happy with it - it's hung on an open foyer [to second floor] stairway wall - on a peach wall next to the accent wall that is chocolate brown - it really is beautiful there - am thinking of doing a "louisiana flowers" series - we'll see!