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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Monday, December 7, 2009

the pretty little girl and the hen...

there once was a pretty little girl
with a head full of long ringlet curls

satin ribbons and bows adorned her long hair
she much preferred just going all bare

the mother dressed her in crispy white frocks
pretty white sandals and sheer sheer socks
layers and layers of ruffles she wore
she hated it all when she was but four
staying inside was not her thing
she’d much rather be out on the big rope swing

pleasing the mother though was what she did
after all, she was just a little kid

then one day the mother left for a while
and out the door she raced with a smile

under the big oak tree she did sit
playing in the grass she could not quit

she sat and sat and wiggled her toes
and watched the clouds row after row

dreaming and floating and dreaming some more
all she wanted was the mother to love to adore

she thought if she had just one special gift
the mother’s dark mood surely would lift    

she loved the chirps of the little birds
if only she could sing without words

so she blew and blew and blew again
before she knew it she heard a sweet strain

again and again the sounds whispered through her lips
now she’d surely win the mother’s kiss

pleasing the mother was what she wanted to do
after all, she was just a little kid who needed love too

then the mother came home to her delight
and with her gift to make things bright

the little girl whistled and whistled with all her might
but the mother just looked down with her mouth all tight

and said to the pretty little girl
with the ringlet curls

a whistling woman and a crowing hen
always come to a very bad end!


staceyjwarner said...

WOW! this is my favorite i've read of yours...so absolutely fantastic. well done...can you hear me applauding you?

much love

Protege said...

Ah, the ending was such a dose of reality to a a poem full of sweet escape.;)
Always happy to stop by here.;)


dear sweet stacey! thank you SO much - gee, coming from you, my head is so turned! ;)

thank you!!!


and zuzana - yes, a dose of reality it was, indeed, a real dose!

thank you so much for your comments!

Nevine said...

Oh, Gypsywoman, what a sad twist at the end! I didn't see that coming. But this is so beautifully written I'll just have to forgive you for that. :-) What a gorgeous write, so elegantly expressed, so intensely felt, so filled with childlike wonder and dreams. How I sometimes long to go back...



oh, thank you, nevine - from one who writes such as you, i am much honored - always look forward to your visits! have a wonderfully bright day, lady!

Keith said...

I really enjoyed this. I've never seen a Shirley Temple movie. My mom and grandma both adore her.

Keith said...

P.S. Thanks for entering my giveaway. If you leave a comment on my Penelope Cruz post which was right above the giveaway one, you gain a second entry in the giveaway. I thought you might wanna know. Good luck.


hello there, keith! thanks for comment on post! you should grab one of shirley's films from her childhood - i think you'd enjoy it!

and thanks so much for tip on second entry! a girl needs all the help she can get on such things! :)

have a great day and come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post from a lady of magic words

Susan Deborah said...

Mothers and Daughters!!!

What a nice piece of writing. Flowed very well. I hope the mother never killed the spirit within the sweet little one. How many dreams are crushed like that!

You are one 'wow' writer, illustrator, dreamer and much more.

Glad to stop by here.

Joy always,


dearest susan - what a deeply moving comment - and so true - one never knows of the hopes that are dashed the dreams never dreamed and the love never had of so many children - all by one careless thoughtless loveless comment! thanks as always for coming by, lady! i love your visits!


and gg, your posts always bring such a flood of wonderful memories from yesteryear - a treasure for us all! thank you so much for coming by and leaving such a sweet note!

Deborah said...

Wow! That ending--like a punch in the piehole after a delicious bite of truffle...I love it! Reality, to be sure, indeed! I just love it here in your world, ladybug!
Much Love,