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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


oh, the black rains came
and the ocean’s in flames
the blood poured down
from those that drowned

red clay turned ebony dark
blue green crystals lost their mark

rainbow colors run and hide      
tryin’ to get away from the genocide

mother’s gut grows and grows
soon be birthin’ big black crows

moanin’ and groanin’ lettin’ out a howl
her water breaks and comes out foul

but nothin’ will hold her spreadin’ girth
bigger and bigger ‘bout to give birth

big ole cracks in her birthin’ bed
but ain’t nothin’ to us nobody’s said

she didn’t want it to go this way
but mother had nowhere else to stay

and so it is the demon child is born
with money and lies it’s adorned

then the doors of hell gonna open wide
and blast and spew its noxious insides

and waves of greed will hit the land
leavin’ nothin’ there not even the sand

just wonderin’ now who’s to blame
ever’body’s tryin’ to save their name

nothin’ on earth ever the same
playin and losin’ that little oil game
black tears pour from the gods on high  
time for accountin’ drawin’ nigh

yeah, the earth eats itself inside out
we all know what that’s about

now, BP, don’t look at me all tongue-tied
you can run but where you gonna hide?

you - and all the others like you
you haven't a clue 

where ARE you gonna hide?


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...



LOL LOL, trish!!! literally, i am laughing out loud - although only at your response and not the situation :)

and those words just "spilled" right straight out of my mouth!!!

Robur d'Amour said...

Crises like this, and any personal crisis, provide tests of peoples own personal faiths and beliefs.

I don't know how your own faith 'explains' this, and it's none of my business. It's a personal matter for you.

Some people will say this accident was caused by Fate, others may say it's the Dark Goddess, others Satan. There's a scientific rationalist view that says the event has no 'meaning', it was just happenstance.

The Jungian view is that 'bad things' are the result of ones own shadow, and reflect things within ourselves that we don't want to know about.

Sarahlah said...

An awesome piece of poetry...thank you. I am only sorry that the inspiration for the work had to be one that's so tragic in its effect on the life and vegetation caught up in the pursuit of generating the almighty buck. I wonder where all this will lead. Will we simply spin out of control eventually in our need to acquire and consume at an ever incresing rate to support an already bloated system?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Absolutely. Incredible. The imagery is stupendous...love the birth of the crows...the demon...the horror! Very Poe-ish...and yet, so contemporary! You are truly brilliant, dear Jenean! Loved this! Love, Janine XO

Marion said...

WOW! Gypsy, you nailed the entire issue in this fabulous poem. It's hell here in Louisiana, just pure hell knowing what's happening in our Gulf and that it seems nobody knows what the hell to do about it. Keep ranting! (I hide in my books and pray a lot.) Blessings!!!

Ed Pilolla said...

everybody trying to protect their names. yes. these diseased human organizations, the companies and the government, are doing everything to preserve their reputations. they will do and say anything to ensure that this catastrophe does not disrupt business as usual, their business as usual. you speak for me here and so many so well.

Zuzana said...

Powerful and dark.;) But I liked it as it was so evocative.;)

Marlene said...

Bravo! Jenean! wonderful words.!
Oh how will this all play out in the end???what will the future generations look back at us and say?? when the future reads about this... who will be to blame???I wonder ??? Great post! xo Marlene


robur d'amour - hmmmm...i thought it fairly obvious from my blog that i do follow jungian thought - and in terms of my "religion" it is outlined in the sidebar here - but in terms of this manmade disaster, to me the most important thing is maintaining a positive perspective for the present and the future - and that includes all the things you will find here on my blog - notwithstanding a few lapses otherwise now and then :)

it is a terrible tragedy and certainly does test all of us in many many ways and i'm sure will continue to do so -

thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a note - and have a great day!!


oh, hello there sarahlah!!! so good to see you again! been way too long - thanks so much for dropping by - and i couldn't agree with you more! what will we take away from all this? it's up to us!


dear janine - thank you so much for your kind words, lady! yes, i think the crows were circling yesterday!!! ;)


hey marion in louisiana! i can only imagine what it must be like now - my family, with one exception [a granddaughter who is in lake charles] my family is in northern louisiana, shreveport - but nevertheless we all feel such a kinship to all those there - thanks so much for coming by!!! have a great day - oh, and i certainly know what you mean about hiding out, so to speak!


thanks so much ed - well, you know, there is so little that any of us can do in a real constructive way, i think - words are one thing - but there is one other thing that we could each contribute from around the world - and that is positive thought/intention for the ending of this and for a better tomorrow for mother earth and for us - which is why i've tried to focus on that with my little blogs in whatever ways i can - thanks again for coming by - your visits mean a lot - have a great day!


zuzana, thank you very much! would that they had the "power" to change things!


hey marlene! yes, just what will our children's children have to say about the world we leave them? i think about that every day - and i think the sad answer is that we are all to blame - sadly!

ain't for city gals said...

I love the part on the blame game..after giving lots of thought to this I have decided BP is not going to put this on me...they want us to have part of the guilt to take away from their total carelessness and greed...speaking for myself and most of my friends we do not consume too much.....one very simple way of dealing with this is to put gas up to about $8.00 a gallon and people will stop consuming in excess..that is the only way with us Americans it seems...as long as we can afford it we will use it...the same with garbage and re-cycle...in England your garbage can has a digital scale built in...you pay by the pound..in other places they charge 32 cents for a grocery bag if you don't bring your own...just a couple of examples...ok..I'm done...good post...


oh, hello there! so glad to have you come by - i know what you mean about the blame thing - however, i do think there are many many things we individually can do that we just don't - like no longer buying plastic products, car pooling, etc-- those things you mention - and in that respect, that is our responsibility to me - but no - not the catastrophy of this horrific thing in the gulf - anyway, i'm so happy you stopped by - and hope you'll come again soon - have a great weekend!