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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

tell me, what is...

What is the appropriate behaviour 
for a man or a woman 
in the midst of this world
where each person is clinging 
to his piece of debris

What is the proper salutation 
between people as 
they pass each other in this flood?


Glynis said...

thought provoking questions. I'm personally still pondering those things..xo

Deboshree said...

Love is the only word that springs to my mind! Love and warmth...

I have missed you Jenean! Hope you are well!

Lovely and thought provoking post, yet again!

Much love,

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Wow. OK, talk about food for thought. All of us clinging to our pieces of debris.

Warden Files said...

My dear woman, the appropriate behaviour is to be escorted for the first 6 months of the relationship, and then after be allowed to hold hands in the company of the village elders until a date for the wedding can be set.


my dear sir - yes, but how slowly time passes when one is NOT having fun and one's thoughts turn to love, especially with patience never having been one of my many virtues! ;)

and i am also thinking perhaps that the proper salutation between a man and a woman under the circumstances described here - each clinging to their own pieces of debris as they pass each other in the flood - might be something like "here, take my hand, let me help you" -

wonderful of you to drop by when i know how difficult it is for you to leave your kitchen and all the magnificently delicious cuisine you prepare there - thank you!


yes, food for thought, for sure, trish - and an odd comment i thought, somehow, for buddha [in some ways] -


about time you come over, dear deboshree!!!! have missed you so! and how are things for you? wonderfully well, i hope, dear friend! please come again when you can as your visits are most welcome!


yes, i know what you mean, glynis! but i think if we each reach out to the other in love and caring, then, all else falls into place - it's love we all need - that the world needs -

...louciao... said...

Oh my goodness, "clinging to our piece of debris"! What a wonderful metaphor for each of our little lives and the baggage that we trundle from one situation/relationship to the next.

Butternut Squash said...

I was recently asked, "What is the most important question in life?" My answer was, "How may I help, you." I think that it works just as well here.



well, an odd turn with your visit, louciao, as i was LITERALLY thinking of you as i signed off earlier, realizing i had meant to run by your place before i shut down - and viola - here you are! you know, i LOVE that phrase, too, and i may have to use it as inspiration for a little poem of my own! i absolutely love it! and a perfect metaphor as you say - wonderful to have you drop by, lady!!!


absolutely perfectly, it fits here, butternut! just perfectly - i was just thinking about a while back when a friend of mine was in a crisis - and there was so little that i personally could do to help but i asked what i might do to help nonetheless and he responded "just keep on being you, please" - i think that perhaps one of the most beautiful things said to me ever - and i cherish it so! so great to have you come by, dear lady who travels!!! :)
peace and love -

mapstew said...

Tabhair dom do lámh! :¬)


Yvonne Osborne said...

The proper behaviour is to dance with abandon. The proper salutation would be an outstretched hand or perhaps just eye contact and a smile.


and to you, map! ;)

thank you so much for the "real" words - magnificent - i went over to youtube and found several magnificent renditions from our homeland - truly beautiful!



so true, yvonne - and actually, the proper behaviour for ANY occasion, i think! to dance with abandon! absolutely!

hmmmmm...the outstretched hand and that incredible eye contact and a smile - always always a winner no matter anything else -

wonderful to have you drop by and i hope you will again soon!

Warden Files said...

My dear, love is a four letter word the same as cake. Nice on occasion, but too much can make you ill.I love a good painting, a bottle of wine, I even love a raw oyster or two before lunch. Love is over rated and under done. Give me a calfs liver and watch me show you just what love really is.


my dear - my heart truly is saddened to hear such words - for my own heart knows in no uncertain terms the pure unadulterated raw pleasure and joy that comes from love - mad passionate love - and i am further saddened deeply to hear that you, my dear dear sir, have not experienced the love that i have known which would more than raise your own present standards of a calf's liver - however, not to fear - there is still time - for you - and love, sir - outside the hoofs of a cow - of that i am sure - although i must confess to being a bit curious about your meaty offer to let me see you in action with a calf's liver - what time is my private showing? i can barely contain self! ;)

and about love and a cake.....oh, dear, i simply cannot go on - there are just some things that cannot be discussed in public! i shall save that dialogue for another time and another place -

until then -