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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

lost now...

lost now -

the aroma of his light
that once had lit the way
out of her own darkness
the fragrance of his love
cast in a thousand wisps of windblown time
and with the loss of these
these filaments of her
there remained
only her mind
and her heart
her mind now shattered into fragments
emptied of its life flow
it, too, began to disintegrate to dissolve
into tarnished memories
memories tainted by that demon time
fading into the forest of forgotten faces
leaving only her heart
the heart that once beat to the drums
of ancient mariners
that beat as one with his
now slowed to shallow pulses
flickering dimly in the night of her sorrow
disappearing into the dank void
of what had been -

lost now
[feeling a bit "lost now" for words - 
hence, this re-posting of something over at "words unspoken" - enjoy!]


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Love it. It really evokes emotion, Gypsy.

Rick said...

Speaks to me of storms on a long ago sea. Makes me want to know more of him to have left such a sense of loss.

Zuzana said...

Oh I know this feeling all to well, anyone who has passion for life does...
Beautifully and poignant...

Desert Rose said...

I know how you feel..Gypsy ,the longing is piercing my heart..beautifully written my sweet Gypsy!
lots of love and hugs..:)

Susan Deborah said...

Not heard but not lost, anyway.

Joy always,

linda said...

good evening, sweet gypsy...how i loved this and the painting with the words...it's so sweetly sad...i thought of ships sinking, of lost love and such loss and sadness, felt a bit like i was there....hoping you are well, ,my dear...i know that feeling well and just don't force now, if i have no words, it is good enough when i do. xoxox♥

Cole said...
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Cole said...

Absolutely love this Gypsy! It speaks directly to that part of the soul which loves so deeply that it is forever changed simply by doing so. Just beautiful. Hope you are settled in now from your move and doing well.

Cole said...

Opps saw a typo in the previous comment, had to delete it and type it again. I just hate when I do that.


as he does to me, trish - as he does to me -


it's so funny you mention "storms on long ago seas" rick - one of our favorite quotes was the one from an affair to remember as terry and nickie were onboard the ship at sea - "we're headed into rough seas" - "i know. we changed our course today." - and so, we had, indeed, changed our course - a course that had it continued would have meant the sinking of the ship and the loss of lives - in the literal and figurative sense - but there is also the other line from "affair" and that is "winter must be cold for those with no warm memories" - but oft times warm is just not enough - or so it seems -


thank you for such kind words zuzana - and 'tis true - that thing about passion for life - and love - for what is life without love? ;)


and dear desert rose - what an honor your words for mine! the longing that never stops piercing - at least in this case perhaps - so wonderful to see you again, lady!!! thank you!


true, susan - never ever lost!


oh, yes, lovelylinda - ships sinking for sure - as i mentioned to rick above - sinking with pending loss of lives - not something for which i was prepared to be responsible - and so it goes - or does not go - as the case may be - but the longing never goes - the memories never fading - and loving continuing - here - in words unspoken - but only here -


forever changed just by the act of loving - so beautiful and so true, cole! your words always bring such insightfulness with them - settling in every day and then again the next day, still settling in! but today i've taken the day off - slept late - got up late - went out to a big flea market and browsed - and then home to do nothing some more today -

Cole said...

Good for you! Hope you found some good finds. Enjoy your day.


thx, cole! ;)

La Petite Gallery said...

Very inspiring and emotional.
Makes me think of that movie the perfect storm. The sea has such mysteries. If it could only talk.


hello there yvonne! how wonderful of you to come by and leave such kind words! and i can see what you mean, of the perfect storm although i'd not thought of it before - and you're so right about the sea holding such mysteries - and then, there is the sea of our own hearts! ;) great to see you - please come again soon! have a fab day!