we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real - come along with me - we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - share our stories around the campfire - come along -

this site is simply a streamofconsciousness rambling of words and images in which i find meaning and beauty - there is no organized order of thought or format -
poetry painting and writing on love and life and things thereof from the heart and through the eyes of a louisiana gypsy spirit travelin' roads less traveled...enjoy -


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A...WOMAN IN MOTION WITH HAIR AS DARK AS NIGHT HER EYES WERE LIKE THAT OF A CAT IN THE DARK... SHE WAS A GYPSYWOMAN... she danced round and round... from the fire her face was all aglow... she was dancing... dancing... waiting for the RISING SUN... loving caring relationships are like THE RISING SUN...we are nourished by their warmth...we are energized by their strength...we grow in their light...we find shelter and solace there...they are our sanctuary... born in the sign of the sun, i am a true LEO-love the sun and its hot orange red fire-passionate in and about everything i do-i believe in instant chemistry charisma love/lust at first sight-in the magic of the eyes and the beauty of the soul-in the instant recognition familiarity in meeting someone from a past life and in the knowledge that we might meet in a future life-i believe that we are each ageless and flawless-i believe in the beauty of the moment-the whisper of yesterday-the hope of tomorrow-the power of forgiveness for even ourselves-the absolute and total beauty of love---[credit to brian hyland and curtis mayfield]

to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

comin' home...

wondering pondering plundering
lost and alone
faded and fallen
disowned unknown
yearning longing craving
not yet known
not yet found
gone but never had
absent barren nonexistent
wanting needing waiting
missing something
missing me
missing you
missing us
wanting needing waiting
seeking searching
the foggy roads
the crooked paths
the raging rivers
the mist the miles
by love’s grace
all led but one place
toward my fate
one look
i was found
one touch
i belonged
one kiss
i was home


Space Lady said...

I think that is the magic of love, the feeling of being transported to a place where you are content and are wanted, home!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

You have such a wonderful way with words- such imagery. You always pick such wonderful images to go with your words.
Johnina :^A

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

This is also about the love of a place,a geographical location,where everything just feels very right.

Roger Gauthier said...

In Counterpoint... part of a dark poem I wrote recently

A home dead silent in the dark
Where are my car keys
Winding roads in the night
Going way too fast

Sad music pulsating through
I wonder through my tears...
A tree beyond the curve
Will the car manage

This motor is a deadly drug
I can't but I should, useless life

When I read your poem tonight, it triggered something in my slipping mind, I should go back where I have always belonged... got nothing to lose, nothing to do anymore, even my photography ain't worth shit.

Dreams gone, constant tears but no fear, no fear at all except for my woman... If I were alone, I would floor it in the curve. No more wanting, waiting, searching.

At the end, peace.

The Photographer Who Came From The Cold

Désespoir, regrets, honte... Je n'arrive pas à dépeindre correctement, il faudrait cette autre langue, la seule qui soit véritablement mienne, qui le restera pour toujours. Un jour, peut-être, je te dirai.

Roger Gauthier said...

... mais j'avais oublié, très chère Jenean, de te dire que ton poème était très touchant. J'aime la façon dont tu joues avec les mots. En demi-teintes, parfois avec violence. Un baiser, tu as raison, transforme une vie.


Desert Rose said...

WOW Jeanen..this one is too beautiful! especially the ending..breath-taking..You know how to capture my senses darling..:)


greetings space lady - yes, and one always always known when one has, in fact, come home! when one is loved - there is no mistaking it - lovely to have you drop by!


thank you so much johnina - you know, sometimes the words choose the image and sometimes the image chooses the words - i very rarely have much to do with it at all! ;)


so true, trish - one can come "home" in many ways - and there is that unmistakable physical geography of "home" that is also unmistakeable - i feel that way about the southwest - and egypt [although i've never even visited there in this life] - and other geographical locations - but the feeling of "home" there nonetheless - and the feeling of "homesickness" when thinking of them, even!


and desert rose, how wonderful to have you drop by the campfire here - seems i've been away so very long of late - and i am humbled each time by your kind words! - hugs -


i am always so moved by your heartfelt words, roger - always - and they often, actually most times, leave me without words with which to respond - this is one of those times - your words are so beautiful - you already possess your own language - one that is truly yours - and words so beautiful do remain forever but i hope anyway that one day, you will tell me whatever it is - and you will, won't you?

thank you for your beautifully felt and said words here -

and it is true, just remember this, a kiss is never just a kiss...

glynis said...

I think I wandered with you on this one.. it was moving and alive and the calm at the end... amazing. xo


well, we like-minded women do wander together, don't we? and it's wonderful having you to wander along with me here, and there, dear friend!