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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

left behind...

when i turned
and walked away
from you from us
that cold dark day

a piece of me
my broken heart
was in that instant       
left behind

left behind to
fuse with yours
for one of us
to have a whole

a broken whole
pieces entwined
to help us through
the shadow nights

the nights of love
left behind

to the one who's been there, too, in the land of 
- "shadow nights and cloudy days, long cold moments before the dawn" -


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

i've been there...that place...when and where life and time stopped in its tracks - leaving me in peices, even humpty dumpty and all the kings men couldn't put my broken heart back together again.

A beautiful piece of writing, gypsywoman.


Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

right as i clicked "publish" i noticed my typo...


Cole said...

Just wrote something over on Cabernet pertaining to the very same thing. There must be something in the air. I know the feeling...but at least my heart is happy now with room to hold 3 more loves. (husband and 2 children) The feeling though of that one heartbreak, that one that throws your heartbeat off when you least expect it. That one can keep you up late from time to time wondering- I hate that.

By the way what a wonderful surprise today -your card!!!!
I was so excited to receive it! Thank you so much for sending one. I'll will keep it and add it to my journal of posts which I have collected from my blogs. Thank you again Gypsy! Hugs.

ED BULEY said...

The greatest darkness is just before the dawn. Time is weird right now. Everybody feels it. We are nearing a new dawn. Inspiration will return. Until then, light your own candle.

glynis said...

I've been feeling a little bit raw and vulnerable today and these painfilled and beautiful words of yours opened the floodgates for some powerful feelings, tears and healing xo

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Beautiful words and images
Johnina :^A

Zuzana said...

Beautiful! I always leave behind a piece of me with every lover...

Leovi said...

A beautiful poem very nostalgic "But we can continue life with the other pieces we have left?

Sausage Fingers said...

There must be a damn good reason to walk away! to walk away from nights of love on a cold dark day!
Time and time alone will fuse the heart back to strength.
Wine helps a wee bit also....

Nevine said...

Those moments of parting... how can we describe them? Well, like you said, we break. Those moments I have lived before... so very hurtful... and so unkind. How do we heal from these wounds? Your words are beautiful, Jenean!



dear six - well, then, you know only too well how cold and dark even those days - and where oh where does one find even a scintilla of comfort! for me, there was none - has been none -

so, i write the words -


my dear cole! how wonderful for you to have come from this place into the bright world of new love - and love several times over, at that! i am so happy for you!

am so happy my card arrived, albeit very late in the coming of it - but all that was in the midst of the mercury retrograde which cast every thing asunder that it could - hence, my cards not arriving as expected, etc etc - but all is well that ends well - so glad you liked - i'm like a child still in terms of receiving mail! love the excitement of ripping open the envelope to see what little jewel is inside!!!

have a glorious day!!!

will be over to cabernet before the day is up - always so wonderful to visit your place -


greetings, ed - it's great to have you following along here - thanks so much for that and for your comments which are always welcome - you're right - things globally are astir, it seems - and while i think of it, there is another blog i'm sure you will enjoy - it's the blog of rob and trish macgregor called "synchronicity" - it can be found at
http://ofscarabs.blogspot.com -

they are very well recognized authors whose work you will also want to read - and do be sure to check out their blog and let them know i sent you over -

again, thanks and have a great day!


dearest glynis - i know only too well those raw and vulnerable times myself - and i take comfort in hearing that my words here impact with even a tiny droplet of healing - take care, lady - and do come again soon - you are in my thoughts!


hello there johnina! wonderful to have you come by again - hope all is well in your world - thanks so much for the kind words here and please come again soon! hugs -


dear zuzana - yes, and i like to think that i do, as well - leave behind a piece of me each time - it's just those larger pieces that make the whole that when left behind leave us without! ;)


greetings leovi! - in my own case, and i hope others', the answer is yes - even though the days may not be as bright and the nights not as warm, we do go on - somehow - for me, it is with words - saying the words that can never be said aloud - here - on virtual parchment -

thank you so much for your visit, dear friend, and do come again soon!


oh, and dear sausage - ah, yes, the walking away - indeed! for me, i did it for honor - for it being the right thing to do for others - honor, however, does not keep one warm nor dry the tears nor whisper the words all left unspoken - nor mend two broken hearts -

so would you just pass that bottle, please!!!


my dear dear nevine - your heart which knows my own so well - we have both traveled the same paths of love - of healing, i am unsure - for me, i have tried all the ways - and found them to be lacking - all - and so as i've said before, i write - because i must -

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Gorgeous! I think most of us have been to this place at one time or another.

Grace said...

So beautiful...those pieces always call to us to return to them. Sometimes when we do, we find two whole hearts have been there all along.


how in the world did i miss your visit trish! so sorry to only now be finding it! yes, i, too, think most of us have walked this street before - i loved the image when i first saw it - and actually it speaks volumes without words -


you're so right grace - and that is a magnificent find, is it not! lovely to have you come by - have a great day!