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this site is simply a streamofconsciousness rambling of words and images in which i find meaning and beauty - there is no organized order of thought or format -
poetry painting and writing on love and life and things thereof from the heart and through the eyes of a louisiana gypsy spirit travelin' roads less traveled...enjoy -


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A...WOMAN IN MOTION WITH HAIR AS DARK AS NIGHT HER EYES WERE LIKE THAT OF A CAT IN THE DARK... SHE WAS A GYPSYWOMAN... she danced round and round... from the fire her face was all aglow... she was dancing... dancing... waiting for the RISING SUN... loving caring relationships are like THE RISING SUN...we are nourished by their warmth...we are energized by their strength...we grow in their light...we find shelter and solace there...they are our sanctuary... born in the sign of the sun, i am a true LEO-love the sun and its hot orange red fire-passionate in and about everything i do-i believe in instant chemistry charisma love/lust at first sight-in the magic of the eyes and the beauty of the soul-in the instant recognition familiarity in meeting someone from a past life and in the knowledge that we might meet in a future life-i believe that we are each ageless and flawless-i believe in the beauty of the moment-the whisper of yesterday-the hope of tomorrow-the power of forgiveness for even ourselves-the absolute and total beauty of love---[credit to brian hyland and curtis mayfield]

to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lip service...

these gypsy lips
are red lips
ruby red lips

these lips are powerful lips
lips that can change history
my history even your history
make you change your ways
into their ways
they can cause things to happen
you never dreamed of
never heard of
these lips
can lamblast you
right out of your
little comfort zone
and throw you
for a loop like
you’ve never been
looped before
they’ll pucker and pout
turn you inside out

these lips are talkin' lips
they speak of truth of beauty
of life of love
they speak of me
of you
of us
of possibility
and the physics of both
they speak of passion
of poetry
of poetic passion
of passionate poetry
they speak to you
these lips are loud lips
rambunctious lips
rowdy lips
irreverent lips
they ramble
they recite
they speak up
and act out
they are unruly lips
lips that have no rules
and will break your rules

these lips are happy lips
lips that smile
that open wide
and laugh out loud
lips that love to laugh
at big things
small things
at you
and with you
and at themselves
they laugh

these lips are magical lips
they can charm you disarm you
make you mold you molest you
melt you motivate you
they can turn you into things
you’ve never been before
and make you forget
what it was you were
these lips can take you
on a magic carpet ride
and have you beg
for a one-way ticket

these lips are lovin' lips
luscious and plump
full and ripe
ripe for lovin’ for bein' loved
for living' for livin' more
these luscious lips
will make you
wanna taste 'em
touch 'em
tease 'em
be teased by 'em
make you
wanna kiss on 'em
till you can’t kiss no more
then they’ll have you
comin’ back knockin' on their door

yeah, these lips are lovin' lips
these gypsy lips
of mine

would you like to hear these words spoken?


Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I read this wonderful piece yesterday, and meant to come back last night and comment. (Story of my life, great intentions...) This is a masterful piece of writing. I can feel the emotion in every passionate word, but I think my favorite line just may be "lips that have no rules and will break your rules". I probably love this line so much because I HATE rules!!! :) As always, your words reach a deeper part of me. Thanks so much for sharing your creative soul. Love ya! I'm still thinking we were separated at birth. :)

Trish said...

Love this one! Very cleverly done, too, Gypsy. Now off to hear you read it!


dear twin - i'm with you on the whole rules thing! always been a bit [uh, actually, a LOT] of a rebel -

and how can love be dictated by anything other than the heart - it cannot - but sadly, society would have it otherwise -

on a different level, when my little grandchildren came along, they were taught early on about rules by me - i taught them that the only rule at yaya's house was that there WERE NO RULES! ;)

thank you so much for your visits here - they mean so much! have a great remainder of the day, lady!


thanks trish! it's a piece i did some time ago but since my muses are musing elsewhere or are sleeping, thought i would re-post - so glad you liked!!!

Dulce said...

never before have any lips been so passionately described...inviting, persuading, they are like fire no one could ever escape. Amazing my dear friend!


oh, dear dulce! how you go on and on - and how i appreciate all your generous words! ;) thank you!

Grace said...

Oh, this is a BEAUTY!! Makes me want to go out and paint my own lips red right now!



well, then! you go, girl! paint your lips red!!! bright fire-engine red!! ;))

thanks so much for coming by, grace!!!

Just_because_today said...

wow! you certainly know how to use those lips. Passion, strength, truth, laughter, all of it


hello JBT - well, i've never been one to do anything only half-way!!! ;) and i thank you for such kind words!