we all are gypsies of a sort wandering traveling through this life other lives space and time here there and yon on roads less traveled - this is a written and visual journal of my own travels - imagined and/or real - come along with me - we'll dance among the stars under the sun and over the moon - share our stories around the campfire - come along -

this site is simply a streamofconsciousness rambling of words and images in which i find meaning and beauty - there is no organized order of thought or format -
poetry painting and writing on love and life and things thereof from the heart and through the eyes of a louisiana gypsy spirit travelin' roads less traveled...enjoy -


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A...WOMAN IN MOTION WITH HAIR AS DARK AS NIGHT HER EYES WERE LIKE THAT OF A CAT IN THE DARK... SHE WAS A GYPSYWOMAN... she danced round and round... from the fire her face was all aglow... she was dancing... dancing... waiting for the RISING SUN... loving caring relationships are like THE RISING SUN...we are nourished by their warmth...we are energized by their strength...we grow in their light...we find shelter and solace there...they are our sanctuary... born in the sign of the sun, i am a true LEO-love the sun and its hot orange red fire-passionate in and about everything i do-i believe in instant chemistry charisma love/lust at first sight-in the magic of the eyes and the beauty of the soul-in the instant recognition familiarity in meeting someone from a past life and in the knowledge that we might meet in a future life-i believe that we are each ageless and flawless-i believe in the beauty of the moment-the whisper of yesterday-the hope of tomorrow-the power of forgiveness for even ourselves-the absolute and total beauty of love---[credit to brian hyland and curtis mayfield]

to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


i feel you
you know
when you come
even when no words
are left
i can feel you here
my body ticks
to your tocks
you enter my mind
and your breath
brushes against my heart
wraps round my dreams
my breathing
breeds a life of its own
even when no words
are written
no ink spilled
even when
you are not here
but there
i feel you
in your thoughts
of being here
i feel you here
when you come
in your dreams
time measured
in gasps
of the in between
your next time
and i feel you





Italo said...

Ciao, your blog is so sensual. very interesting.


greetings, italo - wonderful to have you come so far and leave such kind words! hope you'll come back soon - i so enjoy your little place across the way - have a great day -

ciao - gypsy

Trish said...

Tick, tock. You really nailed some interesting emotions in this one, Gypsy!


thanks, lady trish! ;)

Nevine said...

OH, my! Jenean, there is such a haunting beauty to this piece. It is so very internal... and I felt every word completely. This is how I feel when my love is away... and he is thinking of me.


Just_because_today said...

interesting how we can feel without seeing. without feeling we feel

Linda said...

brilliantly said ... and so true. xxx

irishoma said...

Hi Gypsy Woman,
Your blog is intriguing. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. Hope all is well in your world.
Donna V.

Magic of Spice said...

So beautiful and so passioned!

Jimmy said...

Ahhh now, my little honeybee, quite a sting to your words, such sharpness, such vision. Like a mystical moonscape over a far off land, the Tribunal of truth fae the Holy Office of the Inquisition can never hold a candle to your intuition. Bravo.


yes, JBT, so true - no sense[s] more reliable than feelings from our own heart -


and lovelylinda! i'm so happy you came to visit today - you've been on my mind - how are you? i'll be over your way shortly, lady! thank you for your wonderful words today!


hi donna! so glad you've come by - i'm really enjoying visits to your place! have a great day and do come again soon!


dearest nevine - you always feel my words just as i do yours - know them as your/my own - i'm glad you used the word haunting because i see now what it was i was feeling when i wrote this - and the internal thing - yes, exactly, just like the ticktocking of a clock - the ticking of our heart[s] beating - thank you so much for your insight, dear friend! have a glorious day!


oh, thanks, magic! and what is there of life without passion! passion in everything one is and one does - as you demonstrate with your own magnificently passionate view of the world of cuisine! passion for all the senses, i say!


oh, 'tis those internal voices that speak the truest and our own hearts that see all know all, is it not? but i am humbled by your words, nevertheless, kind sir in that far off land -


and you - thank you for coming by and browsing a little while ago - have a glorious day there in that land far away -


and to you - thank you for coming by earlier from so far far away - cross the waters deep - i'd left a small message for you here yesterday but blogger, in all its infinite wisdom saw fit to delete my message when its system crashed - in any event - sorry to have missed you but so happy you dropped by!

Ed Pilolla said...

awesome. love the colors, how they perfectly match the internal energy.


hi again, ed! i always am so please when my friends browse down the pages to pieces they might have missed - thanks so much for taking the time to visit and for such kind kind words -