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to dance with life

to dance with life
come dance with me...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

the candy store...

been wantin’ me somethin’ sweet
just a little ole’ suga' treat
so i head right down the street

to the corner candy store
gonna pick and choose and pick agin
a little now and then some more
been wantin’ me some candy
somethin’ sugary and sweet
sure come in handy

think i’ll have me a big old’ licorice stick
to put between my ruby red lips
yeh, that might be my pick

maybe a gooey milkey way
send me straight to the stars
leadin’ me all astray

or a chocolate covered cherry
just wanna little suga’ fix
sure don’t wanna marry

git to the door and what’d ya know
candy store ain’t what it us'ta be
pickin’s is slim and bizness is slow

so i turn me ‘round and head on back
the lesson to be learned i guess 
fix me my own little sweet suga' snack


Linda said...

this one had me a'grinnin' !


we all need a little suga' every once in a while -

karena said...

Yeah... whatever happened to the candy store? I grew up with one around the corner from my house around Cicero and Fullerton in Chicago...it had everything in there...all in neat rows. When my kids were young they would visit my sister and walk to a candy store called the Good Buy Ranch. The kids still have wonderful memories of their walks there...and about that time the sweet/sour craze was goin' on...gummy worms that when first sucked on were sweet and then packed a serious punch of sour. I think we need our candy stores back....this world could use a good sweetening up...and with that...karen takes herself to the kitchen for some ice cream...yum. Ice cream stores seem to be the next fading fancy.
Really cute poem. Much enjoyed. Curious as to what you picked for your sweet treat. Hope you enjoyed it! And thanks for your wonderful comments over at the garden...I do enjoy your visits. xxoo

Trish said...

With a trickster twist of humor!
Like karena, we had a candy store, too, when I was a kid. It was the local shopping area in Caracas, close to our school, and every afternoon stop yielded some delicious surprise - not always candy. Hey, sometimes, it ws the old fashion movie magazines, the precursors to the tabloids!

Pat said...

Candy store sounds so much more fun than sweet shop.

BlazngScarlet said...

I had a candy store down the street where I grew up.
It's now a restaurant.

I like that kind of suga'! ;)


OMG, ladies - we all had CANDY STORES, didn't we - in real life! the one i knew was MR. POWELL'S GROCERY - down on MAIN STREET in winnfield louisiana - my little brother and i would ride our bikes from mamastrap's house the 2 blocks up to MAIN street and to mr. powell's store - then, we'd hit the candy aisle and get whatever we wanted - usually no money required cause our "stuff" would just be put on our "ticket" - after candy came comic books and later, like you said, trish, MOVIE MAGS! talk about a blast from the past, lady! i've not thought of those things in forever! dare i mention that ava gardner and susan hayward were my all time faves of favorites of the movie mags - and that i actually received via one of those movie mags an autographed glossy of ava!!! be still my heart! and karen, i was munching on lindt's excellence intense orange dark chocolate as i read your comment - but now i'm wondering if there's any ice cream in the freezer! and pat, i like the term candy story much better than sweet shop, too - not sure why - just sounds a bit more juvenile, doesn't it - which better suits me most of the time - but that's another story - i hate to see such things go by the wayside like your candy store did blazng - and yes, a little suga' always good for the soul, no matter what!

thanks for coming by ladies - and ya'll come back again soon - candy store always open over here! have a sweet day!


oh, about which "one" i picked for my sweet treat, karen - girl, i can't pick just "one" - i had me some of them all!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Cousin, I read something entirely DIFFERENT into this one. D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T. Guess that shows where my mind is, yes? YES!!
But then we know how I do love double entendre, don't we! In any event, I'm justa cravin' the heck outta that "suga'" and can't get to my candy store!!!!!!


oh, i doubt that your version was the "different" one, dear cousin - perhaps it was all those other versions that were actually that "different" version! ;)

it's a hard life when that 'ole candy store is far far away - unreachable by most means - sigh -